Graeme Cox

Graeme Cox

CEO and Co-Founder. Graeme holds a degree in Artificial Intelligence from Edinburgh University, has over 20 years experience in scaling product development teams and a track record of building profitable, high-growth businesses in the High-Tech & Internet industries. This includes dns ltd, a CyberSecurity monitoring & 1st response business that Graeme sold to Dell Secureworks in 2009. Graeme has founded and managed four technology businesses and has served as board member and advisor on several more.


Charles Nduka

Charles Nduka

Chief Science Officer (CSO) and Co-Founder. Charles is a leading facial musculature expert with over 20 years surgical experience, including 10 years as Consultant Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon (Queen Victoria Hospital). Charles has an extensive background in research and development including clinical trials, has over 100 scientific publications and is the Medical Advisory Board chair for the charity Facial Palsy UK.


Mohsen Fatoorechi

Dr Mohsen Fatoorechi

Mohsen is Emteq's lead Electronic Engineer and sensor expert. He has 8 years experience of working with sensor technologies across EEG, EMG and EOG. Past roles include prototyping and R&D on a range of novel applications in Electric Potential Sensing technology. He has expertise in low-noise electronics, high-impedance circuits, portable/battery powered systems, data acquisition systems and signal processing.

Dr James Archer

James is an Electronic Engineer at Emteq specialising in sensor systems. He has experience developing sensor technologies from fundamental principles to real world applications. James’s previous roles involved R&D of electric potential sensors for structural health monitoring. His expertise includes high impedance circuit design, analogue and digital signal processing, PCB design and data interpretation.

Mahyar Hamedi

Dr Mahyar Hamedi

Mahyar is Emteq's lead Data Scientist, a biomedical engineer specialising in brain computer interaction (BCI), neuro-engineering, computational neuroscience, human machine interaction (HMI), machine learning, pattern recognition, and biomedical signal processing including filtering, feature extraction, and classification. 

Andrew Cleal

Andrew Cleal

Andrew leads Emteq's Software Development. Highly skilled in a large range of programming languages and across a variety of server, desktop and mobile platforms. He also is experienced in software/ hardware integration, firmware, wireless communication protocols and sensors. 


Ifigeneia Mavridou

Ifigeneia is Emteq’s Research Engineer while pursuing her Engineering Doctorate (EngD) in affective stimulation in VR at the Centre of Digital Entertainment (CDE), a collaboration between Bournemouth University and the University of Bath.

Simon Clarke

Simon is Emteq's Operations Manager, an experienced Project Manager responsible for the day-to-day delivery of the team, he has over 25 years experience managing technology programs for organisations of all types and sizes.

Scientific Advisory Board


Director of the Institute of Global Health, Imperial College, previous Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State at the Department of Health. Pioneer in VR surgical training 

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Head of Sensor Technology Research Laboratory, Sussex University. Inventor of novel muscle sensor and holder of numerous related patents 

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Behavioural psychologist and Professor of Serious Games. Led first successful randomised controlled of game technology for behaviour modification, Re-Mission. Ex-CEO of Hopelabs.

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Expert in physiological computing and a thought leader in human-computer interaction. His past research includes studies of the effects of games on immersion and engagement.

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Co-director of the Sackler Centre for Consciousness Science at the University of Sussex. Projects combine VR/AR, neuroimaging and autonomic physiology. 

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Expert in computer vision, machine learning image/video processing and recognition, facial expression, human action and affective analysis (multidimensional) and geometric processing of human/facial performance. 

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Associate Professor at University of Cambridge's Computer Laboratory, an expert in the areas of affective computing and social signal processing that lie at the crossroad of multiple disciplines including, computer vision, signal processing, machine learning, multimodal interaction and human-robot interaction.

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Associate Professor at the University of Nottingham, School of Computer Science, and a researcher in Automatic Visual Understanding of Human Behaviour. He is a member of both the Computer Vision Lab and the Mixed Reality Lab

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