OCO glasses platform feature demonstration


Smart glasses for monitoring health & wellbeing

Emteq develops OCO™, a wearable platform for measuring facial muscle activity and emotional responses through glasses. Using a range of multi-modal, patent-pending sensor technologies, proprietary algorithms and live data streaming we have enabled the collection and interpretation of human emotional response in real-time in the real world. 

OCO™ is comprised of multiple sensors to detect the tiny movements that occur during facial expressions. Using non-contact sensors embedded in the glasses frame, key facial expressions associated with positive (i.e. happiness) and negative emotions (confusion/anger/frustration) can be sensed in real time whilst the wearer is talking unconstrained. Simply put on the glasses and you're ready to go. 

OCO™ is a fusion of our proprietary and unique sensing methods, our algorithms for measuring and interpreting expression and our Machine Learning for inference of underlying emotional intent.