Emteq and Quantum Capture announce collaboration to create real time avatar facial expression animation.

October 19th 2017

Brighton, UK and Toronto, CA –Emteq, the leader in facial expression recognition in VR & AR announce today a collaboration with Canadian company Quantum Capture, a leader in the development of virtual humans to integrate their technologies and deliver facial performance capture in real-time without cameras, wires or bulky headgear.

Emteq’s unique OCOsense™ smartglasses contain many tiny sensors in and around the glasses frame and use AI/Machine Learning to read and interpret the wearer’s facial movements and expressions, without cameras, wires or restrictive headgear. OCOsense™ will be available in 2018 and will combine both real-time facial expression tracking with a cloud-based analytics engine, facilitating emotional response analysis for scientific and market research

By combining Emteq’s unique OCO™ glasses platform with Quantum Capture’s avatar technologies we are enabling facial performance capture free of tracking markers, bulky and intrusive cameras, wires and weighty headgear.

“As our use of digital humans – avatars – increases rapidly, the need for realistic emotional expression becomes paramount”, Graeme Cox, CEO of Emteq said. “In our medical work, for example in creating a system to improve facial function for those with Bells Palsy, the ability to work with an avatar is of huge value, as it will be in the future for online social communication, training and education, content creation for games and much more. We are extremely excited to be working with Quantum Capture’s world-class team in creating a real avatar – human emotional connection”.

Morgan Young, CEO of Quantum Capture, said “This collaboration between Emteq and Quantum Capture, pushes real-time avatar technology to the next level. Anyone who has seen an avatar in VR or AR knows how basic the realism is today. Avatars are often the weakest link in immersive experiences and can frequently be a struggle to look past. By combining Emteq’s unique OCO expression tracking platform and our real-time characters technology, we've opened a new world of possibilities for developers to begin creating exciting and immersive character-driven experiences.”

About the companies:

Emteq was founded in 2015 by Graeme Cox, a serial entrepreneur with 25 years experience in Artificial Intelligence, and Dr Charles Nduka, a leading facial surgeon, with the mission to develop facial sensing technologies in glasses for health, wellness and entertainment.

Quantum Capture was founded in 2015 by former AAA game developers with the mission to offer the most realistic virtual humans to VR/AR content creators. By combining cutting-edge 3D scanning, motion capture and human behavioural code technologies, Quantum Capture have developed a state-of-the-art virtual human development pipeline that is blurring the line between real, and virtual people.

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