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safer roads

Emteq develops technology to combine the measurement of Alertness, Attention, Arousal and Expression, creating the most complete solution for performance monitoring, delivered in a package similar to a normal pair of glasses

Fatigue is the direct cause of many home and workplace accidents, road traffic collisions and aviation accidents, resulting in costly medical care and emergency services. In Europe over 41,600 people die in road traffic accidents and more than 1.5 million get injured each year.1 Fatigue is the major contributing factor in 20% of these.2 Fatigue is also a factor in 15-20% of fatal aviation accidents caused by human error3 and is the number one risk factor for construction workers. 

Medically, fatigue is a non-specific symptom, which means that it has many possible causes. Currently fatigue is a subjective feeling reported by the patient, rather than an objective one. We have changed the way fatigue is measured. Emteq has developed OCOsense™, a pair of eyeglass frames with built-in fatigue monitoring technology. The frame objectively monitors fatigue by measuring physical parameters, including muscle activity, movement, posture, heart rate, and temperature. Data is  wirelessly transferred to a smartphone app, which processes the data and informs the user of their state of fatigue in real-time. Fatigue causes accidents, is detrimental to health and reduces productivity. Our solution will provide vital data to combat fatigue and promote health and well-being amongst workers and the general population throughout Europe and across the world. The ultimate goal of OCOsense™ is to bring to market a simple, comfortable, and cost-effective solution to prevent fatigue related accidents.