The Emotion AI platform for all realities

Emteq is a wearable platform for collecting and analysing emotional and physical responses. Our technology is designed to integrate with Virtual Reality headsets, and ‘Everyday Reality’, using glasses to provide rich information to researchers and content creators

EmteqVR™is a simple insert to leading commercial Virtual Reality (VR) headsets than enables monitoring of the emotional state and responses of the wearer. Integrated into Unity and Unreal 3D engines, it enables emotion analytics and emotion as an input to any VR experience.

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Our highly sensitive hardware can be used in the early detection of medical conditions, as a treatment method for the rehabilitation of facial palsy and for computer interaction via facial expression



The emotion-sensing platform can be integrated to VR and AR headsets to enable social interaction in virtual experiences and to improve the quality of data captured within a VR experience            



We combine the measurement of Alertness, Attention, Arousal and Expression to create the most complete solution for performance monitoring, packaged within a pair of smart glasses                    

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Virtual Reality, with Feeling - by sensing subtle changes in people’s faces, a British startup hopes to inject a little more emotion into the virtual world.

emteq reveals VR facial tracking tech that doesn't require cameras

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