Posted by Dr Charles Nduka.

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Is clinical VR the new CBT?

Is clinical VR the new CBT?

Virtual reality is offering a new way to treat mental health disorders that impact 25% of the UK. The success of Clinical VR may be due to its ability to simulate the fundamental properties of the human brain, surrounding you with a safe, controlled version of your world. Continuing advances in VR technology will mark the way for new innovative treatments, changing the lives of many people. In this article we explore the application of immersive virtual reality as a treatment medium for mental health disorders and the concept of Predictive Coding.

Virtually drug free treatments of mental heath conditions you didn't know about

An exciting opportunity to minimise reliance on pharmacological garments for mental health lies in Virtual Reality.  Advances in Virtual Reality technology allow you to enter a world that is authentic enough to trigger your mind and body to behave as if it’s the real world.