Posted by Dr Charles Nduka.


The Reality of Virtual Market Research

The Reality of Virtual Market Research

Using questionnaires and interviews for market research is subject to bias and often fails to capture the emotions that were felt at the time. VR brings a fresh angle to market research by immersing people into the product they are exploring. As opposed to looking at images of a car prototype, VR can be used to literally put people in the driving seat – or at least feel as though they are.

Immersive VR research trends

Here at Emteq we have recently completed a survey of respected research organisations for their thoughts on the use of VR technology in their work. The response was fantastic, with 87 responses from researchers in 12 different countries.  The responses lead us to believe that the cost of current eye tracking and emotion measurement solutions is a barrier to widespread adoption, coupled with the fact that the current range of packaged solutions are complex and lack key features.  At Emteq, we are creating a simple solution to sense human emotions from the face, with VR being the perfect use-case for our technology.  If you would like to understand more about how Emteq can improve the quality of research in VR visit