Posted by Dr Charles Nduka.

we have lift off..

After working in stealth mode for the last few months it's great to be able to announce the launch of our new website to the world. 

It's an exciting time for both Affective Computing and Virtual Reality, and Emteq is lucky to sit at the confluence of these two major movements in improving Human Computer Interaction (HCI). Now that high quality VR HMDs such as the Oculus Rift and the Gear VR are available to the public (in theory at least - here at Emteq HQ we're still waiting for a batch of CV1s to arrive..) we can claim that VR has arrived, and it's certainly the case that the applications of VR technology are stacked high and wide across the entertainment, health, corporate and (of course) consumer sectors to name a few.

We are working on a set of technologies that will allow us to bring '4th generation VR' to life, using naturalistic human facial gestures for communication, control and better understanding of Virtual Worlds. Stay tuned to hear more about our progress and technologies.