Arc2019 Terms and Conditions


General Terms: These are the general official rules of Emteq Activity Recognition Challenge 2019. Such a promotion will be simply referred to as the "contest", the “competition” or the "challenge" throughout the rest of these rules; "participant", "you", and "yourself" refer to an eligible contest participant.

 Official Website: The official website of this competition is:

 Announcements: The official announcements and any change in rules will be notified through our official website. In addition, the participants must provide a valid email via the Registration Form, included in the official website, so they can receive the announcements.

Conditions of participation: Participation requires complying with the rules of the challenge. The organisers, sponsors, their students, close family members (parents, sibling, spouse or children) and household members, as well as any person having had access to the truth values or to any information about the data or the challenge design giving him (or her) an unfair advantage, are excluded from participation. A disqualified person may submit one or several entries in the challenge and request to have them evaluated, provided that they notify the organisers of their conflict of interest. If a disqualified person submits an entry, this entry will not be part of the final ranking and does not qualify for prizes. The participants should be aware that organisers reserve the right to evaluate for scientific purposes any entry made in the challenge, whether or not it qualifies for prizes.

Dissemination: The challenge is part of the competition program of the UbiComp 2019 conference, and prizes will be announced at the awarding ceremony, on 10th September 2019 in London.

Registration: The participants must register and provide a valid email address through the Registration Form displayed in the official website. Teams must register only once and provide a group email, which is forwarded to all team members. Teams or solo participants registering multiple times to gain an advantage in the competition may be disqualified.

Anonymity: The results will be published on the final leaderboard on the Official Website under a pseudonym provided by the participants, and their real name will remain confidential unless they want otherwise. However, the participants must disclose their real identity to the organisers to claim any prize they might win. If a participant provides his real name, it will appear on the leaderboard and may be used by the organisers.

Submission method: The results must be submitted using the rules provided in the official website. The participants are allowed to submit several times, but only the last final submission will be account. In case of problem, send an email to The entries must be formatted as specified on the Rules page.

Awards: The three top ranking participants may qualify for awards. The winners will be required to make their methods and results available for evaluation by the evaluation committee within a week of the deadline for submitting the final results. In case of a tie, the prize will go to the participant who submitted his/her entry first. Non-winners or entrants who decline their prize retain all their rights on their entries and are not obliged to release their code.