Emteq builds emotion sensing hardware and software for wearable technology platforms

our mission is to enable people to understand their emotional responses, we do this with technology that can:

  • detect the triggers that influence their mood
  • share realistic emotional responses in a mixed reality social experience
  • understand their true emotional response to a movie
  • achieve a peak level of attention, alertness

understanding emotion is the key to unlock performance, behaviour and mood improvement - as emotion drives behaviour and behaviour drives action

research by psychologist Paul Ekman concluded that facial expressions give the most reliable information about our emotions, culminating in the categorisation of facial gestures and their emotional intent

emteq combines this research with the evolution of wearable mixed reality hardware, using multi-modal biometric sensors to detect and track facial expressions and arousal indicators together with Artificial Intelligence techniques to interpolate this data into emotional state

our products

  EmteqVR™ - HMD insert

EmteqVR™ - HMD insert

  • EMG sensing technology, high accuracy

  • comprehensive facial expression detection from 8 sensor locations

  • convenient dry sensors

  • replacement foam insert for common VR HMDs

  • Developer API

Available early 2019

  EmteqAR™ Smart Glasses

EmteqAR™ Smart Glasses

  • app-connected smart glasses capable of detecting facial expressions to indicate positive and negative valence

  • non-contact sensing technology

  • battery powered, bluetooth data transmission

  • high accuracy activity detection & classification

  • Clear or prescription lenses



Our highly sensitive hardware can be used in the early detection of medical conditions, as a treatment method for the rehabilitation of facial palsy and for computer interaction via facial expression



The emotion-sensing platform can be integrated to VR and AR headsets to enable social interaction in virtual experiences and to improve the quality of data captured within a VR experience            



We combine the measurement of Alertness, Attention, Arousal and Expression to create the most complete solution for performance monitoring, packaged within a pair of smart glasses                    

emteq featured on the BBC's flagship technology program BBC Click

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