enabling emotional interaction in Virtual Reality

what is it?

Our facial expressions are at the core of our social interactions, enabling us to silently, and instantly communicate our feelings, desires and intentions. Often called an empathy machine, VR represents a new paradigm in Human Computer Interaction; a naturalistic interface using physical motion. But the empathy machine needs emotional input, and FaceTeq provides the solution.

FaceTeq from emteq is a facial sensing platform that provides unparalleled insights for measuring emotions through facial gestures and biometric responses. This ground-breaking technology heralds 4th generation VR; a new paradigm for studying human-human and human-digital interactions for researchers, educators and content creators. 

We have assembled a team of experts in the fields of facial analysis, sensors, artificial intelligence, machine learning, data security and context aware computing to create a new paradigm of wearable emotional sensing.


who is it for?

Faceteq is for:

  • Developers wanting to rapidly iterate by understanding everything about their users; where they looked, where they went, what they did, and how they responded.
  • Creative agencies looking to ensure that they are maximising their return on investment
  • Brands wanting to ensure they're getting an emotional connection with the audience
  • Market researchers needing to A/B test content
  • Researchers interested in understanding the basis of our psychological and emotional responses to the world
  • Innovators wanting to create novel methods of human-computer interaction to allow better connection with the world
  • Health care professionals. Facial movements are an important aspect of conditions ranging from stroke to depression, Parkinson's and facial paralysis
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